Finding love

so I was surfing on the web and found this:

and here are my “minimum requirements” (aka MR):

1. Smart
2. Helpful, Friendly
3. Able to laugh about himself / not taking himself too seriously
4. Great temper
5. Respect of family
6. Ambitious
7. Hardworking
8. Able to forgive and let things go (not spiteful)
9. Generally happy / Optimist

Appreciated bonuses:
- Speaks Chinese (used to be a MR even if ex doesn’t :P)
- Doesn’t need too much attention
- Tall, Strong
- Patient
- Generous
- Great Communicator (almost a MR)
- Cultivated about Chinese culture (almost a MR)
- Understand importance of money without being too sucked into it
- Leader / Ready to take initiatives
- Engineer / Geek
- Slightly chubby :P

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